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About Us

Smasty Ltd. was established in order to fill in a noticed gap on a market of chemical distribution sector. Since our establishment we have been focused on delivering best solutions to our clients as well as looking for best ways to provide top quality products at lowest possible price. Our company is involved in distribution of chemicals in a wide range of countries and always searching for new clients and suppliers. Our main priority is clientsâ€? satisfaction by offering the most optimal product solutions. Smasty Ltd. has professional knowledge and experience in various markets that has allowed it to establish professional relationships with a number of its clients and manufacturers. 

The company is always striving for opportunities to develop and our target is to increase our range of products and services to cover greater variety of regions.

Our website is developed to provide essential information about our business. Here you can view a range of products we offer (please, note that we may give you assistance with products not listed on our website. If there is anything specific you are looking for within chemical distribution sector contact us directly).  We guarantee high quality service and best possible care for needs of your business, so you don’t need to worry whilst helping your clients as we ensure that all our deliveries are performed on time.