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Safety & Regulations

Safety and comfort of our clients is the main priority of Smasty Ltd. We provide high care of the products we deliver and ensure that you are satisfied with what you receive.

Due to nature of our business we understand how important it is to provide delicate care of chemicals. Moreover, due to high experience of our team we make sure that you are aware of any dangerous impacts of products. We can provide advice on usage of chemicals, but we expect each and everyone of our client to understand specific nature of products and realise mutual responsibility and possible effects of products. Our professional team will provide you with all requested information on product handling and steps on preventing any unexpected consequences.

Smasty Ltd. has developed its unique product care and established partnerships with reliable suppliers with whom we aim to provide you with products without any risks. Our suppliers have proved their reliability during our long cooperation history. Here in Smasty we spend time to select best manufacturers and logistic companies. By working wit

h us, you reduce the amount of factors you need to take care of. We do our work enthusiastically and build great communication with everyone who is interested in working with us.

Please, contact us for any additional information on products of your need.